KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Black

Several Kong toys are a must. Fill with a meal, or just a tasty treat, or peanut butter (provided your dog has no digestive problems with it.). Give it to your dog when you leave the house, when you need a distraction at meal time, when you need your dog to calm down (after you’ve exercised him/her), when you put your dog in the crate, or at the animal shelter for something to do in the kennel. Have several. Freeze them if that works to get a longer chew. TRAIN your dog to chew todays with this! Train your puppy to chew this instead of your shoes! Condition your dog that leaving is OK with this! Remember every dog is a puzzle. If you don’t know what I mean- email me. Black is the strongest and is what I recommend for adults- get the red one for puppies- or even pink. Choose the size that’s best for your dog. See the product description.

PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness

A must before the dog learns to heal and walk loose on a leash which you should teach right away. If a puppy is pulling you- imagine what that dog will be like the rest of its life- pulling you all around and the strain on it’s body. Avoid the pain of the prong and ill fitting possibilities. At least if this is not fitted right you won’t puncture your dog’s neck like a prong will. For now use this- and maybe for life use this! Buckle goes in front on chest.

Leashboss Free Range - Long Dog Leash Large Dogs - 1 Inch Heavy Duty Nylon Training Lead Padded Handle - High Visibility Orange - Extra Long Dog Leash

A MUST FOR TEACHING RECALL! Do not let your dog off-leash until you as a human dog team have mastered training at 6,10, 12, 15, 20, 25 & 30 foot lengths. When I say MASTERED I mean it - each length - over time - gradually - 98% of the time. You will learn to do this at my class. Don’t ask your dog to come to you when s/he does not know what it means and do not then allow your dog NOT to come. You must master each line length THEN and only then go off leash in a FENCED IN AREA and practice off leash a little at a time- literally for minutes at a time. It is fine to let your dog in a fenced in area off leash and that kind of exercise is very important. BUT do not call your dog repeatedly to come or your dog will  learn to IGNORE YOU. Which is exactly the opposite of what you want. Your dog also needs to be socialized with other FRIENDLY dogs. Dog attacks and fights can cause permanent mental damage and behavior changes in your dog. Everything must be handled by you , the owner, with the utmost thought and care to create good behaviors and experiences for your best K9 friend. Come to class. We will help you as a dog human team do it right.
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