Travel Fees

Fall/Winter (Late August-mid June):

  • 0-15  minutes from Leicester, Middlebury, or Vergennes, VT = 0
  • 16-30 minutes from Leicester, Middlebury, or Vergennes, VT=$10
  • 31-45 minutes from Leicester, Middlebury, or Vergennes, VT=$20
  • 40-60 minutes from Leicester, Middlebury, or Vergennes, VT=$30
  • 61-75 minutes from Leicester, Middlebury, or Vergennes, VT=$40
  • 76-90 minutes from Leicester, Middlebury, or Vergennes, VT=$50

Summer Custom Trained Dog Program:

  • Option I Six weeks 4x a week = $5000
  • Option II Six weeks 3x a week $2500
  • ​Travel Fees May Apply


See fees listed on each class at the Middlebury Department of Parks and Recreation. Most classes are $95. for locals and $110 for out of towners. Puppy K is bit less since it is only a 45 minute class.


     Private Sessions

  • Fees are $100/ hour for initial in-home evaluations and training.This includes two months of free follow up phone calls and emails. Follow-up training and assessment drops to $80/ hour after the initial consult.
  • **Dogs adopted from Homeward Bound, from other Vermont Shelters, and from some rescue groups are eligible for scholarships.
  • ​Travel Fees Apply

What are you paying for? Answer: An experienced professional dog trainer with a master's degree in education, who is also one of the only trainers in VT who is certified by the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers.

 Travel Fees

Summer (mid June-late August)

  • 0-15  minutes from Leicester, VT = 0
  • (For example no travel fees for Brandon or Middlebury)
  • 16-30 minutes from Leicester VT= $10
  • 31-45 minutes from Leicester, VT=$20
  • 40-60 minutes from Leicester, VT=$30
  • 61-75 minutes from Leicester, VT=$40
  • 76-90 minutes from Leicester, VT=$50