1. Watch and practice videos 1-4 on Puppy Jumping, "Watch Me", etc. and any other video lessons in the series  you get to. Watch these videos and go for it! This will help you build attention.

2. Click on this Homework page for adult dog I and read the training guidelines. These are very important. Print them out an out so you have them forever

Puppy Weekly Practice Homework

What you do with your cute little puppy now, will have an effect on the rest of your dog's life. Your goal is to make an awesome adult dog! That is why socialization with people and other FRIENDLY dogs is critical to your dog's most important skill; growing into adulthood without aggression that could cause a bite. Other skills they learn are important too, but having a dog that does not bite to inflict wounds is always number one.

These lessons will help your puppy learn to pay attention to you and begin to become a wonderful life companion. Go in order by clicking on the buttons below. As soon as you complete one task go to the next skill by clicking on the buttons. Practice 10 minutes 3-4 times a day or as long as your pup is willing to go. Make training a habit. For example sit before going out doors, sit and "watch me," several times on walks, before dinner, etc. Do this with each new skill you learn. Always end with your dog wanting more. Make it fun! Training is a fun game and if it is not fun - you aren't doing it correctly! If you progress through the lesson and have time,  feel free to go ahead. BE SURE to read the training guidelines so you don't make common mistakes. Click the button below to find them and to get started! Have fun!