This is the most important dog class you will ever take. Proper socialization and training is CRITICAL to prevent fear aggression later in life. PREVENT BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS BEFORE THEY START and get the help and advice you need to help create an awesome adult dog.

Open to puppies 10-18 weeks of age the start date of the class. Proof of vaccination is required at the first class. Proof of vaccine(s) on paper is preferred. For Puppy Kindergarten we require the first DHLPP or DHPP vaccine (specifically Distemper and Parvo) prior to first session.

Prevent biting, house soiling, destructive chewing, jumping and teach polite greetings and play.

This class will help you help your puppy,  to become well-functioning, safe happy, adult dog.  Puppies absolutely must be socialized with many humans and friendly dogs by four months of age to prevent fear towards people and other dogs. Unsocialized puppies often end up with fear aggression by the time they are one year in age. Don’t wait until your dog is an unruly adolescent with fear aggression and behavior issues, now is the time to get your puppy started on the right foot. This is a fun playtime with built in short training sessions to create a foundation of learning.

bring records documenting the first round of shots for puppies. Other supplies include: Strong leash, treat training bag pouch (optional),  training treats (pea sized training treats that your dog loves such as pieces of freeze dried liver,  hot dog pieces, the dog’s own kibble, etc.) For strong pullers I recommend the “Easy Walk” harness which you can purchase online or at Agway. No choke or prong collars please!