We will serve as your guide. It is you who will create a fabulous dog. Our students who have the best behaved, nicest dogs, are the ones who never give up on them, who persevere with training, who regularly train at home,  who stay and act positive, and who solve problems instead of losing their temper with their dogs. No one is perfect and guess what? You can do it. If your dog is already behaving wonderfully, that 's fabulous. Bring him/her in for some mental stimulation, relationship building, learning with distractions, and socialization! Having behavior problems? We can help and if we can't we will refer you to someone who can. We have classes for most every dog and if they are not offered  in the current session, all classes are offered at least once throughout the year. If you can't come to class, in the summer we can come to you.  If your dog is not right for group classes due to an over abundance of fear or other issues, private consultations my be your best option.

‚ÄčBest Buddy K9 Training

Providing a  Fun Positive way to Train.